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Femtheogenic Consiousness

The invisible space of singularly that femtheogenic consciousness revels to us contains Eros to the core. To recognize its presence is to awaken to the most powerful force in the universe. Disrobing the boundaries that maintain the illusion of of separation and dissolution of ego.

Although ego has many useful functions, the dysfunction is our need to hold on to it. It takes many deaths for the ego to transform. Peeling through the layers to the core. Exposing and expressing our authenticity of who we really are.

~ Maria Papaspyrou

Upcoming Ceremonies of Love

Surrender to the Love that you are, that is everything.


Ceremony Of Love

Ceremony of Love is a safe container for you to explore the multi dimensional being of love that you are. The remembrance of the deep love that you are created from. To reconnect to those parts of you, you forgot about. Forgot to forgive, forgot to thank and most of all forgot to love. This journey is very personal, powerful and transformative. With a Medicine that saved my life. Unlocking memories and traumas that where ready to be accepted and transmuted. I was able to move through with compassion and strength and so much love for myself. I had to share this gift. The gift of love that creates and connects all things. From this creatrix womb within and a lot of guidance fromMultiple Volcanes Ceremony of Love was birth.

Ready to explore the innerworkings of self. To heal your limitations. Releasing fear, guilt and shame. Giving yourself the opportunity to walk the path of wholeness and truly live your best life. With 20 years experience in Bodywork, energy healing, medicine and magick. I will provide ample before and after care so your integration becomes your daily ceremony of love. I have always carried a torch in my heart for the role of the medicine woman and using the gifts of earth to heal our earthly bodies. For me being a medicine woman is about adaptability, shapeshifting and being able to create healing wherever you are. By reading and manipulating the energies of the environment for valuable information to facilitate and guide the self exploration into the remembrance of Love. The ecstatic orgasm that creates all Life.




Let us start by taking a deep breath together. Relax and ground into the body. Deep into the awareness of the body. Now take another deep breath in from the diaphragm and this time let our exhale make noise. Really audible. Let’s do this 2 more times. Deep inhales, audible exhales.

Now take a deep, deep soothing long inhale deep from the lower belly and exhale everything out, belly button to spine. Now purse your lips and slowly start to inhale from the bottom of your belly. As I place the medicine pipe to your lips. You will keep inhaling and inhaling nice and even and slow. Till you can not inhale anymore. Then you will inhale just a little more and hold. Now you surrender to Love that you are, that is everything.

Love is the vibration that creates everything. So simple yet so misunderstood. There have been many points in my life when I had no idea what love or self love even looked like. Now it is my favorite subject. Exploring Love on levels , all accepting. The layers of love compartmentalization sparked me to create a Ceremony of Love. And so it Is.

Combining my deep love for healing, medicine and ceremonial magick. I have birth a multidimensional multi medicine experience that creates radical shifts in consciousness and the awareness of our inner workings. To know thyself is the greatest gift of Love. This is the super power within us all.

I invite you into your heart space, Into my heart space
And into the heart space of the Collective
This is a channeled transmission for my heart to yours.

Love always In All Ways
Oracle of Love
Elektra Moon

“Of all the things that one can do spiritually, to re-merge with your soul provides the greatest benefit.”
Gerard Armond Powell

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In Aug of 2018, I was in a really bad place. I hated my life, I felt stuck with no way out. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and had no reason to live! I gave up & was only going through the motions of just living feeling numb inside.

One day, my good friend invited me to a Metaphysical Event at SoulTopia in Carrollton, Texas where I met Elektra. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of my spiritual journey…

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Daisy Almaguer, Ceremony of Love

Elektra Moon is an amazing goddess of love and space holding. I was going through a deep of clearing and stepping deeper in to purpose and passion as my full time job. I had knots all in my shoulders, energetic fatigue, and an overall sense of disconnection from my subtle body as I was in the middle of an activation and needed help anchoring and grounding in higher vibrational light codes… 

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Rachel Noeske, Ceremony of Love
Elektra is amazing in every aspect of being a healer. From ceremonies to Reiki to massages. Everything she does is with so much love that you will feel brand new after her sessions. You will see a beautiful outcome. Her work is amazing and love her dearly.
Nancy Almaguer , Ceremony of Love
There is just reality as it is: a unified being of infinite awareness that is playing with itself as an expression of itself. Everything and everyone in all places and times is merely God interacting with itself, and It is You.
Martin W. Ball, Ceremony of Love