Elektra Moon is an amazing goddess of love and space holding. I was going through a deep of clearing and stepping deeper in to purpose and passion as my full time job. I had knots all in my shoulders, energetic fatigue, and an overall sense of disconnection from my subtle body as I was in the middle of an activation and needed help anchoring and grounding in higher vibrational light codes. Elecktra came in to my field and helped me anchor and clear, embody deeper and rest in awareness through the powerful clearing work she does and the space she holds so so beautifully in the feminine dimension.

Elektra gave me a powerful massage infused with her own energy medicine, weaving in reiki and craniosacral therapy. I felt 30lbs lighter after that session and soooo in my feminine heart, reconnected to a yin state of being engaged. The next day she served me KAmbo. I was extremely nervous bc I had a really intense first experience with that medicine. She wove such a beautiful tapestry of safe space to let that medicine flow through me. I’ve never felt a more gentle and loving medicine experience in my life, she knew intuitively where to place the medicine dots and helped align my heart with head and circulate back through my womb space through this gentle space holding of the medicine she serves. Soooo beautiful!!!! So soft, delicate and angelic!!!!!

The next day she served me BUFO. This was my 3rd ceremony with BUFO and I felt a lot of collective pain and trauma being cleared from my womb as I was working on an Indian reservation at this time with heavy energetic imprints in the vortex of pain and trauma. Elecktra helped me to clear this ancient, ancestral karmic imprint I was holding on to subconsciously via working in this space. Through the use of a safe container to journey in the realms as well as her use of singing bowls, tuning forks, aromatherapy, and high vibration of love vortex she opens in sacred, sovereign safe space, I was able to be held, accepted, unraveled, reborn, and journey in to a deeper state of awareness of wholeness. Thank you for the work you do in the realms and the love you hold as an oracle of divine love! I see this queen!!!


Rachel Noeske